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Exciting News! 🎉 After 15 years of crafting custom grill cabinets, I'm thrilled to unveil a game-changer in both quality and price! 🌟 While choices may be limited, rest assured, it's built like a tank. To maintain top-notch standards, I'm aiming for 5 units a week. Keep in mind, I'm not in it to get rich, just to support myself. Plan for a 60-90 day delivery, and let's make your grill dreams a reality! 🛠️🔥 #GrillCabinetRevolution #CraftedToLast

  • YEAR 1

    The Journey Begins! 🌱🔥 After numerous requests to craft Big Green Egg tables, my journey has officially commenced. 🛠️ Excited to bring your vision to life and create something truly special for your grilling adventures. Let the crafting begin! 🌟 #BigGreenEggTable #CraftingMemories

  • Year 8

    Evolving Craftsmanship! 🌐✨ After honing my skills with hundreds of basic table units, my journey led me to the artistry of concrete countertops. 🛠️ Excited to bring a new dimension of craftsmanship to your spaces. Let's elevate your experience with these bespoke creations! 🌟 #CraftingInnovation #ConcreteCountertops

  • Year 15 or So

    Time Marches On, Passion Unyielding! ⏳💪 Still immersed in the art of high-end custom builds, and the journey continues. Exciting news: just rolled out the market's best value cabinet! 🚀🛠️ Ready to redefine expectations without compromising quality. Let's elevate your space together! 🌟 #PassionInCraftsmanship #BestValueBuilds

Reviews for custom cabinets

I bought my first "Big Green Egg" for my birthday
to replace a 7 year old stainless steel "Member's Mark" gas grill.
 Since we entertain a lot, I really wanted something special for it to sit
on rather than the available "Nest" from BGE, or the standard 2"
X 4" tables that everyone else has either made themselves or purchased.
 I even considered making one myself, and topping it with granite to make
it special, but that still didn't seem to be what I wanted after I drafted it
up.  So I did an image search on Google with my iPad for probably 2 hours
on the couch one night while watching TV, and finally saw what I was looking
for – a BGE table that actually looked like fine furniture!  I had found
Kamado Cabinets from Deck Kitchen, www.deckkitchen.com, and was blown away by
their style.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  

It has been about 6 weeks since I have received my table
from Deck Kitchen, and I love everything about it.  All of my neighbors
can't believe how nice the concrete tops are, and the design of the cabinet
itself.  I love the functionality – I have room for my plate setter in the
drawer below, my Royal Oak charcoal in the door on the right, and all of my
utensils and bags of pecan, apple, and hickory wood chips in the door on the
left.  And the table space on the countertops is invaluable when cooking!
  I had the family over for Thanksgiving, and smoked a 20 lb turkey – best
I've ever had.  

Thank you David, your work is exquisite.  I hope this
review helps anyone else on the fence to make a decision to hire Deck Kitchen –
the craftsmanship is outstanding, and David is great to work with.  

Steve Waddell


Its great. Thank you for the delivery....sorry I missed you.
Have a happy new year.



3 Year Review

Hey...Table is great.....still love it....

 I will keep you in mind if I have stuff that comes up...



Hi David,

Just wanted to let you know that we got the table. It is
beautiful! We really like the wood and the color of the concrete. Matches the
house perfectly. When we get the egg on it I'll send you a photo. The couple
that delivered it was very nice and showed us a few examples of your attention
to detail. They also showed us where to put the screws in the drawer and how to
adjust the shelf, and we got the hooks.

We will definitely pass on your name to our friends that
have eggs. I'm sure they will want to come see it. And I enjoyed hearing about
your camp! Only those who have one understand what It's all about! Thanks! Melissa 




just wanted you to know how much we love the table and have used the egg many
times in the last few weekends! Our buddies have been totally impressed with
your workmanship. The store where I bought the egg saw the table picture and
want to display the picture and your information if its ok with you. I wont
give them any info about you yet without your permission.

Roy Carls in West "By God" Virginia


Thanks to David Carreau at Deck Kitchen for our beautiful
and functional Green Egg Table! I found his tables on the internet and
concluded they were the best tables at the best price. (after MUCH comparison)
I phoned and talked to David. He was extremely helpful and helped me to choose
just the right wood and finish. We opted to add granite (to match the nearby
kitchen) after the table arrived. The delivery was a great value and the
gentlemen carried it back to the lanai and placed it where it needed to be.
They were also able to deliver in the very small window when I would be

Many thanks, 

Matt & Katy Michels 

Palm Harbor, Florida 


   It fits PERFECTLY and the tops are amazing!
Tell me what I need to do to maintain them. I can't wait to throw a party and
show it off! We love that it's so easy to move around -- will make it easy to
keep the area clean behind and under it. 

Thanks again, Carol        


I wanted you to know that I got a Big Green Egg on Saturday. It looks great in
the new cabinet. The cabinet fits nicely into the spot on our back porch. You
did an awesome job with it. You certainly didn’t cut any corners…it looks so
well made and has such nice features. Thank you for the drawers and cabinet
shelving. I am very proud of it!

Heyward Hooverd



A picture of my table in use is attached. I absolutely love it. As advertised,
it is very well built. The work space on both sides of the egg is awesome and I
love the storage space.

I highly recommend your table. All the best in the future.




We are thrilled with our Big Green EGG table!! The craftsmanship is superior to
anything we have seen.

Cooking on the EGG is always fun, but you have taken it to a different level,
storage bins and a concrete table top "WOW".

We are very impressed with you, you delivered the table to our house and
offered to help me place the EGG on the table.

It is hard to find that type of service today. We would highly recommend your
table to all those Big Green EGG lovers!!

Best of luck:

David W. Lambert, DDS

Ruth E. Lambert, DDS


"David Carreau's table is top-notch. The sturdy,
high-quality construction is very evident. The table is perfectly square,
perfectly level, and will provide a great platform for my new grill."

Jeff CloudSymrna, GA




Hi David. The table assembly instructions were excellent.
 I have not yet taken it to it's final destination (northern Wisconsin),
where my egg is located. Within the next couple of weeks I will do so and
finalize the assembly and get to use it. 

It is truly a beautiful piece of furniture. I will let my
fellow egg owners know where they can go to experience the best big green egg
table in the world.



We love our new green egg table. It is both beautiful and functional.  It
has ample storage for all of our grilling supplies.  The stained concrete
is gorgeous.  I know we will be happy with it for years to come.

Enjoyed working with you.  I've included your web link on my Facebook page
so that all of my friends with Big green eggs could see what a great product
you're building.


Beth Hollahan Marrietta, GA

Hi David, 

"Got the table and it is amazing.  Thanks so much.
My husband loved it, he was very excited." 

 Jennifer Cole



"I purchased the $799 model for my large Big Green
Egg.  I was attracted

to deckkitchen because they use concrete tops that are unique and

beautiful while providing a good amount of solid surface area.  The

table is well constructed (and attractive) and I believe it will

withstand all that nature can dish out.  Also, David was a delight to

work with - attentive, flexible and accommodating.  I wouldn't hesitate

to purchase one of his tables."

Dan OlsonVirginia


I wanted to write to tell you that the table you built is fantastic. The design
is the most functional I have ever seen for Kamado Style cookers and your
custom designed material for the counter tops is perfect for a full-time out
door environment. As a boat enthusiast, I can see the DNA of some watercraft
construction in your design and craftsmanship. I have no doubt that this table
could last multiple decades. I sent you a picture to show that I added some
Atlanta Sports stickers to your black countertop.

Thanks,Chadd Georgia


Dinner went well, with the in-laws all asking for the
recipes. Both my brothers-in-law are gas-grill guys, but one of them was
sufficiently impressed with the smokey taste that he might be converted.

They were suitably impressed with the grill and your table.

I only mention any of this just because it is clear that you do a really
excellent job.

I am very happy with the table. It's worth every penny.

Ron Boston

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how pleased I am
with the table you made for my Big Green Egg. The craftsmanship and beauty are
outstanding. I have received many compliments. The measurements and size all
came out perfect. The egg sits solidly and is just the right height 

I am glad I found you and we engaged in this project. The
other options that I found locally do not compare with your product. If you are
ever in Austin, stop by for some barbecue.


Bill Austin, Texas


 After looking for some time for a custom table for my
Big Green Egg (BGE), I found David Carreau's website. After speaking with him
and seeing the quality of his work, I asked him to build me a table. He
delivered it a week later and helped me set it in place. I have been using it
for several months now and could not be happier. The craftsmanship was much
better than many similar tables I have seen. The quality is evident in the
joints and in the overall symmetry of the table. I like the rounded edges and heavy
vertical pieces which make it look more like furniture than just a cooking
table. He used high quality PT wood and finished it with a great looking stain
that matches my porch.


Smyrna, GA


Hey David,

It's great and I have received many compliments. It's so nice, I'm almost
afraid to get it dirty.

Randy Smyrna, GA 

David built custom outdoor grilling furniture for me. The
workmanship, materials and styling of the furniture is far superior to anything
we looked at. David delivered the furniture to my home and helped install it.
He then proceeded to follow up with me to check and see how it was working out.
All in all, I was very impressed with David’s workmanship and customer service.

Jason Atlanta, GA 


I bought a large table from the
BGE Headquarters store and it lasted about 3 years.  The wood
rotted around the wheels and the top was uneven from the outdoor elements even
though I kept it covered.  I had to use nails and deck screws to keep it
together.  David built a custom table with a concrete top for me. 
The difference is NIGHT vs DAY!  David's table is built on a solid
foundation of 4X4's with screws and glue instead of nails.  All the
supporting would is 2X4's.  The concrete top is beautiful, easy to cook on
with lots of room and any spills are wiped up with a paper towell.  The
table is ergonomically built with the BGE cook in mind...all of the basic tools
can be stored on one side of the table and under the egg.  This leaves
over half the underside for additional storage.  I would highly recommend
David and his work! TG , Marrietta, GA


“I bought this table two weeks ago and stained it
myself.   As I was staining, I noticed just how well built this table
was.  The workmanship  is excellent as it looks like it was built by
a professional.   Dave went out of his way with every detail and did
not cut corners. **PUN INTENDED**[ You can edit this out if you like!]  He
spent a little extra time and worked with me on the final touches to customize
it the way I wanted and I appreciate that.  I am pleased with this table
as I expect it will last a long time.  I am already getting compliments on
it!  For a well built table at a fair price, I would recommend getting a
table built by Dave. David Cartersville GA”